Respawn finally remove Low Profile in Apex Legends Season 9

Respawn Entertainment

Low Profile has been a contentious point in Apex Legends since its launch. Respawn is finally pulling the plug on it in Apex Legends Season 9 though, removing the debuff from some of the game’s less-armored Legends.

Low Profile was a means to balance some of Apex Legends’ smaller and more nimble characters. Given to the likes of Wraith, Wattson, and Lifeline, it increased damage taken by 5%.

It also used to include Pathfinder, but Respawn removed it in Season 8 as a buff to the friendly robot. Now, they’ve finally followed through on their March promise to nuke it from Apex Legends once and for all in Season 9.

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Respawn Entertainment
Wattson is one of three Legends having their Low Profile debuff removed in Apex Legends Season 9.

Low Profile is nowhere to be seen in the game. Wraith, Wattson, and Lifeline will take equal damage compared to other Legends, in Season 9 and moving forwards.

The exception is Fortified Legends, Caustic and Gibraltar, who still have the buff to compensate for their bigger hitboxes. Fortified reduces incoming damage by 15%, and removes the slow effect from bullets.

The one stopping block was nerfing Lifeline: “My goal is to remove it from every character in the game eventually, but we gotta figure out how to nerf lIfeline before we can do that,” developer Daniel Klein said back in March.

With the medic getting a pretty big revamp in Season 9, including removing her revive shield, Respawn found the perfect window to cull the much-loathed trait.

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Apex Legends Lifeline GuideRespawn Entertainment
The Lifeline nerfs made way for Low Profile’s removal.

Wraith and Wattson remain otherwise unchanged in the Season 9 launch, at least judging from our tests. We’ll have to wait on the full patch notes to confirm.

Apex Legends Season 9 is set to hit live servers on May 4. The update will introduce new Legend Valkyrie, the Bocek Bow weapon, a new-look Olympus, and more.