Olympus map changes coming in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

Infected Olympus map bonsaiRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legend’s newest map Olympus will be getting a makeover for Season 9: Legacy, as Valkyrie’s arrival to the game has invited some unwanted guests.

Valkyrie is the 17th Legend to join the games, and according to Respawn, it sounds like her arrival has prompted a response from someone – though we don’t know for sure who it is yet.

What we do know is that they’ve dropped a large ship on Olympus, that was full of scientists running experiments, and now large roots have shot out and covered portions of the map.

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We got hands-on with the new Olympus map updates thanks to Respawn, and they’ve made a big change to the crossroads area of the map.

How will Olympus be changed?

grow towers in apex legends olympus mapRespawn Entertainment
Players have gotten very familiar with Olympus over the past two seasons in Apex.

Maps in Apex Legends usually do get some kind of update after a couple of seasons. We’ve seen it happen with Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and now it seems to be Olympus’s turn.

The Icarus ship has landed, directly on top of where crossroads was previously. From a gameplay perspective, Respawn wanted to make this less of a sniper’s paradise, with so many long, uninterrupted sightlines.

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Around the new area, you will find the corpses of scientists, killed by the nemesis who has arrived to drop the Icarus and the hug plant.

On scientist corpses, there will be bridge keycards, which allow access to the bridge of the ship, and the best loot.

olumpus season 9 map changes icarusRespawn Entertainment
The Icarus ship has taken over crossroads

There are two other changes on Olympus as well. Because Tridents are used so often for rotating around the map, Respawn have chosen to remove two redeploy balloons from the map:

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  • Outside Golden Gardens
  • Outside Orbital Cannon

As for when the new Olympus will be going live, that’s easy, as we already know Season 9: Legacy will get going on May 4, 2021. “Infested Olympus” should be live somewhere around then, along with Valkyrie and all of the other new content.

The update will introduce new Legend Valkyrie, the Bocek Bow weapon, and the all-new Arenas mode.

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