LG’s Shiv drops insane Apex Legends game with 7K damage

Published: 3/Jan/2021 17:30 Updated: 3/Jan/2021 19:22

by Joe Craven


Shivam ‘ShivFPS’ Patel, Apex Legends pro player for Luminosity Gaming, stunned viewers with one of his best ever games on Respawn’s battle royale, dropping 27 kills and almost 7,500 damage. 

ShivFPS, the British pro player who currently represents Luminosity, is one of the foremost names in Apex Legends content creation. The last 12 months have seen his Twitch following grow by over 200,000, as new viewers regularly tune in to see some top tier gameplay. 

This was the case yet again, as he wowed his audience with an incredible solo gameplay, dropping 27 kills and 7,500 damage. In a game of trios, and with skill-based matchmaking, it goes some way to show why Shiv is considered one of the very best players to ever pick up the title. 

Apex Legends PC case
Twitter: Shivfps
Shiv’s incredible Apex Legends PC setup.

Landing at Turbine on Apex’s new(ish) Olympus map, Shiv quickly found himself with an R-301, R99 and some seriously annoying enemies to deal with. As you’d expect, he used the first two to deal with the latter, racking up 6 eliminations within just a couple of minutes of landing. 

His remarkable aim was clear from the start, using the fairly high-recoil R99 at insanely long ranges, and with devastating results. 

What makes the game even crazier is that it appeared to start with just 55 players, meaning Shiv killed pretty much half the lobby while playing completely on his own. 

His incredible gaming IQ – jumping in and out of the action perfectly to stay alive but still take out multiple teams at once – was also constantly on display, maximizing the effectiveness of Bangalore’s smoke grenades to a level we’ve not previously seen. 

There’s little to no time in between fights for Shiv, spending as little time disposing of enemies as he does looting their dead bodies. 

Despite some issues around Supply Bins with a pesky shotgunner, Shiv managed to out-maneuver every enemy in the lobby, and come away with 27 kills. It’s one of the craziest games we’ve ever seen and Shiv knows it too – launching into hilariously explicit celebrations as soon as he sees off the final team. 

Apex Legends

Kings Canyon and Mirage Voyage make surprise return to Apex Legends

Published: 15/Jan/2021 20:15

by Theo Salaun


In an impromptu update, Respawn Entertainment have delighted Apex Legends fans by bringing back both the Kings Canyon map and the Mirage Voyage point of interest for a limited time.

The Apex community lit up with a blend of surprise and joy when users logged onto the popular battle royale and found out that Kings Canyon was reintroduced to the game’s playlist options. As an added bonus, the game’s most infamous party boat, the Mirage Voyage, also spontaneously re-emerged as a landing spot.

A common emotional accompaniment to surprise is confusion and this geographical return was not lacking in either, according to Twitter reactions. The option to play on Kings Row was originally speculated to be a mistake because the playlist choice was only showing up for some players and mysteriously appearing then disappearing for others. 

But, following an official announcement from the Apex Legends Twitter account, it’s confirmed that the returns of Kings Canyon and Mirage Voyage are no mistake. In fact, they will be around for a full week.

Echoing the enthusiasm of their fans, Apex’s social media account delivered the news with a simple nod to jubilations: “It’s party time.”

And, as fans have been discovering in the brief time the map’s been made available, there are some tweaks to Kings Canyon and Mirage Voyage this time around — including some notable teasers and easter eggs. 

In one such piece of subtle content, there is a voicemail left to Mirage by his mother, Evelyn Witt, which can be found on a phone or tablet device that’s been left on one of the boat’s green couches. While it’s not a groundbreaking piece of lore, it does add to the game’s longrunning storylines.

This marks the first time since August 2020 that Mirage Voyage is available to contest in Apex Legends and the first time ever that it has sailed into Kings Canyon instead of World’s Edge. This blend of returns is both a chance for nostalgia and for content overlap.

Although the new playlist option will only be available until January 21, fans will be curious to know if this means Respawn intends on continuing to spontaneously bring back limited playlist offerings in the future.