NICKMERCS explains why he disagrees with ImperialHal’s “doomed” verdict for Apex Legends Season 15

Apex Legends Broken Moon map next to NICKMERCSRespawn Entertainment / Twitch: NICKMERCS

Twitch streamer and ALGS competitor Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has outlined his reasons for disagreeing with ImperialHal over Apex Legends Season 15, after the TSM pro said the battle royale could be “doomed” if Eclipse doesn’t live up to expectations.

Apex Legends Season 15 is rapidly approaching, with fans of the Respawn battle royale gearing up for the involvement of Catalyst and the arrival of Broken Moon – a new interstellar map set on a moon of Boreas. 

Among those who appear most excited for the new season is NICKMERCS, a former Gears of War pro turned full-time streamer who has recently enjoyed a surprising transition into an Apex Legends competitor.

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He has already responded positively to Broken Moon but, in an October 25 YouTube video, delved deeper into his excitement. 

Specifically, he outlined why he disagrees with TSM pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen, who recently said the BR could be “doomed” if it doesn’t deliver on its promise.

NICKMERCS disagrees with ImperialHal over Apex Legends Season 15

After watching the map reveal, Nick praised the Apex Legends devs and said that the map looks “beautiful” and has all the ingredients to play well, before turning his attention to those who have taken an opposite stance. 

“Hal was crying on Twitter,” he said, “talking about Apex being doomed and sh*t, I just don’t agree with any of it. I think that Apex has consistently shown, as long as I’ve been here, that they’re constantly trying to go in a good direction.”

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Timestamp of 3:15 

Specifically, he outlined the regular innovation updates bring, saying: “They’re making good changes, adding Control, adding Gun Run, all the new characters that they’ve added, Storm Point being a brand new map for like a year now. Now they’re coming out with this new map. Games get stale, things get stale and it’s not always gonna be 100% popping but I don’t know, I see a lot of really good things.” 

Respawn have recently revealed that they scrapped a low-gravity gameplay idea on the Broken Moon map, reinforcing their willingness to innovate the game’s core mechanics. 

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While some are worried about its future, Nick can only see good things coming to the acclaimed battle royale.