Apex Legends devs scrapped low-gravity gameplay from Season 15’s new moon map

apex broken moon map poiRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that low-gravity gameplay was trialed and subsequently scrapped ahead of Apex Legends Season 15 and its brand-new moon map. 

Apex Legends Season 15 will bring Catalyst, Ferro Fluid and a new Cleo moon environment to Respawn’s battle royale. 

While those new additions are exciting, they certainly fit into the remit of what we’ve come to expect from Apex’s seasonal updates.

However, Respawn have revealed that the core aspects of the battle royale’s gameplay could have been tinkered with as part of the new map’s setting.

Respawn reveal scrapped low-gravity gameplay from Season 15

Movement has always been integral to Apex Legends and Broken Moon brings a new zip rail system for traversing the cavernous environment. 

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Based on Cleo, a moon of Boreas in the Outlands, Respawn actually tinkered with low-gravity gameplay for the new map.

The news was confirmed by Lead Level Designer Jeff Shaw and World Director Ed Agostini in the build up to Season 15. They also explained that it was ultimately scrapped, so it won’t feature in the coming season, even as a LTM. 

apex legends boreas headerRespawn Entertainment
Season 15 takes us to Cleo, a moon of Boreas’.

While some will be disappointed by the news, it’s likely that Respawn simply felt it would have hindered the overall player experience and might have become more of a gimmick than a worthwhile creative decision.

It does point at Respawn’s willingness to try new things in Apex Legends though, which is a sign that equally innovative ideas might make the cut in the future. 

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For now, players will have to get used to Catalyst and the classic boots-on-the-ground gameplay.