Who is Catalyst in Apex Legends? New season 15 legend abilities & leaks

Catalyst in apex legends

With Season 15 of Apex Legends, a new Legend is to be expected as usual. Respawn has now officially revealed Catalyst will be the new character coming to Apex. Here’s what we know about them so far, including their potential abilities.

Last season of Apex, the fourteenth, added Vantage, a sniper-focused character with a friendly bat as a pet. Although the character was well-received, Apex players are always looking forward to the next addition to the roster.

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First leaked way back in April 2021, Catalyst is that character. The abilities for this new character are actually based around building, with the nickname ‘creative builder.’

Here’s what we know so far about Catalyst.

Who is Catalyst in Apex Legends?

Little is known about the lore of this character, but as Season 15 is also adding a new map, we know her lore ties into the new location too. This was also the case for Horizon on Olympus, Ash on Storm Point, and Crypto on World’s Edge.

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Catalyst’s story was revealed in the new Stories from the Outlands episode. The episode not only reveals her origin before the Apex games, but also that she is trans. This makes her the first transgender woman in Apex Legends.

Next up was the Season 15 launch trailer, which revealed our first look at her three abilities in action.

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All of her abilities revolve around her prowess over a substance called ferrofluid.

In the trailer, we see Catalyst use this ferrofluid to bolster doors, and then set a trap on the other side, which appears to slow down enemies caught in the black substance.

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Catalyst in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Our first look at Catalyst from the Stories from the Outlands episode for Apex Season 15.

Then, for her ultimate, Catalyst is seen erecting a huge wall of ferrofluid, blocking vision entirely. It also appears to blind Octane when he runs through it, and prevent Seer from using his scan.

What are Catalyst’s abilities in Apex Legends?

According to the Launch trailer, Catalyst’s abilities are:

  • Passive: Barricade – Catalyst can reinforce doors with her ferrofluid, making them harder to destroy
  • Tactical: Piercing Spikes – Catalyst can set up a ferrofluid trap, slowing enemies caught in it.
  • Ultimate: Dark Veil – Catalyst can erect a tall and wide wall of ferrofluid, blocking vision and scans, and blinding enemies that walk through it.

These abilities, shown in the gameplay trailer, disprove the previous leaks about her abilities, which suggested that she could build structures and use ferrofluid as a solid platform.

So, that’s everything we know about Catalyst in Apex Legends so far, releasing in-game on November 1.

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