NICKMERCS blown away by Apex Legends Broken Moon map for Season 15

Nickmercs on Broken Moon map in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff is eager to get stuck into Apex Legends’ new Broken Moon map, saying Respawn have made some parts look “un-f**king-real.”

When a new season of Apex Legends rolls around, players can hang their hat on a few things definitely coming – a new legend, changes to the current roster, new cosmetics, and more.

Every few seasons, though, Respawn also introduces bigger things like new weapons and, at times, new maps. So far, the futuristic battle royale has had three maps – Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus – but it’ll soon have a fourth in the form of Broken Moon. 

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The map is the home of Season 15’s character, Catalyst, and is more like World’s Edge than Storm Point in terms of size. That, for NICKMERCS, is reason enough to be excited. 

NICKMERCS blown away by Apex Legends Broken Moon map

With the gameplay trailer for the new season dropping on October 24, Nick gave it a thorough watch during his stream, and couldn’t help but praise Respawn for how it looked. 

“Love the map, love the look of it,” the FaZe Clan member said on his first watch. He went back and covered the trailer in a bit more detail with another watch, constantly talking about how good the new map looks. 

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“Oh dude, I love when they make maps like jungle-y. When something looks like the Halo campaign, I’m all in. I’m f**king, absolutely, 100% all in when they design maps that look like it would fit well in a Halo campaign. I love that man,” he added. 

Some of the new POIs immediately jumped out to the streaming star, who was also full of praise for the new zipline system.

“Every slide that we’ve seen, you can see a big ass weird new zipline. So, the mobility on this map is going to be un-f**king-real,” he continued. 

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As is tradition with new Apex seasons, the new map will dominate the rotation for a period of time before some of the older ones are brought back. So, players will have plenty of time to get used to their new surroundings.