Apex Legends’ new Broken Moon map is more like World’s Edge than Storm Point

Calum Patterson
broken moon apex

Respawn is debuting the newest map in Apex Legends, Broken Moon, with Season 15 – and fans of the game’s other map, World’s Edge, will be glad to know that they have sized it similarly, as opposed to the much larger Storm Point.

Storm Point, released in Season 11, is a beautiful location, with a tropical vibe. But, despite its aesthetic appeal, many players have criticized for it being too large, resulting in slow-paced mid-games and long travel times to get back into the zone.

On the other hand, World’s Edge has been lauded as a great competitive map, especially for ranked play, and so Respawn is taking this feedback on board for Broken Moon.

Broken Moon “slightly larger” than World’s Edge

In development since Season 8, Broken Moon takes players to Cleo, the moon of the planet Boreas – home of Seer and Catalyst, the new Season 15 legend.

broken moon map in apex legends
The full Broken Moon map layout.

Respawn explained during a press event for the new season that they had learned their lesson from Storm Point, hearing the feedback from players. While Storm Point won’t be in rotation in Season 15, Broken Moon should be a great replacement.

Broken Moon is only “slightly larger” than World’s Edge, Respawn’s level designers reiterated. And, in addition, it has new Ziprails, exclusive to this map, that allow for very fast rotates around the map.

In addition the raw size of the map though, the developers were also acutely aware of the problems that smaller POIs can pose.

broken moon poi in apex legends
One of the large POIs on Broken Moon.

So, on Broken Moon, POIs are much, much larger. In some cases, the POIs are double the size of typical named locations on other maps.

This is done to prevent the problem of hot drops, where multiple enemy teams land in a confined area, fighting over too few resources in terms of loot.

Broken Moon will be available right away when Apex Season 15 starts, on November 1.