NICKMERCS explains the main reason Apex Legends is more fun than Warzone

NICKMERCS / Respawn Entertainment

After his recent departure from Warzone, Call of Duty streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has explained why he prefers Apex Legends. 

Warzone’s hacking problem continues to worsen with every new update, which has led to a large exodus of players leaving the game completely. One of those players is none other than NICKMERCS – one of the most popular Call of Duty Twitch streamers. 

Nick has always been keen to voice his frustrations over the current state of Warzone, but fans were ultimately surprised by his departure from the game.  

For now, it seems Apex Legends is the streamer’s new gaming passion and Nick has been busy grinding ranked with TimTheTatman and Cloakzy. Apex Legends is filled with high octane gunfights and rewards good team synergy, which makes it the perfect game for streamers looking to flex their skills. 

While it still may be early days for Nick’s Apex career, the streamer has given his thoughts on Respawn’s hit battle royale. 

NICKMERCS on Apex Legends vs Warzone

NICKMERCS Apex LegendsNICKMERCS / Respawn Entertainment
Nick has been busy delving into Apex Legends’ ranked mode.

“It’s not that anything over at Apex is new and crazy,” said Nick. “I think the biggest comparison you can make is when you’re playing Warzone, you’re going for high kills. There are no ranked matches, there’s no arena, there’s nothing to grind for.” 

Warzone players have wanted a ranked mode since the game’s release, but Activision has remained stalwart on their stance to SBMM in normal modes. This is in direct contrast to Apex Legends, where players can prove their skills in the game’s ranked divisions. 

In fact, the only thing Warzone has going for it in regards to ranked play are tournament matches, but even these continually get ruined by certain players. “You can play the wagers and the tournaments, but it’s just infested with cheaters and losers,” says Nick. “Hackers ruin all of that either way.” 

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While Apex Legend’s ranked mode also features cheaters at the highest levels of play, the hacking issue doesn’t seem to be as prevalent. Respawn also appears to be more active in their dealings with players that ruin the in-game experience for others. 

“Apex Legends ranked mode is top tier, I’ve been having so much fun playing in that,” explained Nick. “I think it’s a really good assessment as to where you’re at in the game…I feel like it has me more locked than I’ve been in years. I have something to grind for, I’m passionate about being competitive.” 

Whether Nick will return to Warzone in Season 5 remains to be seen, but for now, it seems the streamer is happy to carve out a path in Apex Legends’ ranked mode.