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Top Apex Legends predator player exposed for cheating with lobby glitch

Published: 29/Jul/2021 13:10

by Lauren Bergin


While all competitive Apex Legends players aspire to reach Predator, it turns out even at the supposed best of the best are still using unfair exploits. 

While playing online games is usually a pretty good time, the one thing that can instantly ruin a match are hackers – especially in Apex Legends.

As players continue to pressure Respawn to crack down on the number of in-game rule-breakers using a system similar to Valorant’s Vanguard anti-cheat, the issue remains a real problem in the fan-favorite Battle Royale title.

One player has demonstrated that cheating occurs even at the game’s highest rank, Predator, by showing off footage of a high-ranked player using a matchmaking exploit.


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Valorant’s Vanguard system automatically ends matches if cheaters are found, with no punishment to the other players.

Apex Legends Predator player caught cheating

In a Reddit post dedicated to exposing this rule-breaker, one player writes that the cheater in question was using the “bronze lobby glitch.” This glitch allows high-level players to be put in low ELO lobbies, in turn letting them dominate and pad out their K/D/A.

The video shows the Predator player and his teammate taking down the squad again and again. However, they’ve made their high-ranked status very clear by adding all of the Predator badges to their killcard.

Additionally, when you drop into the game Predators have an exclusive dive trail, making them even easier to spot.


Korkoszz has uploaded a YouTube playlist dedicated to exposing the player’s misgivings. With 5 separate videos and five frustrating matches, this incident is proof of just how irritating it can be to play a game when it’s riddled with cheaters.

Hopefully Respawn take action coming into Season 10, as several Reddit commenters have noted that “there’s probably more fake Predator players than real ones at this point,” and that “whenever I see recent Predator badges that they just abuse glitches like this or were doxxing the servers.”

While the system is unfair to the lower-level players who have become the unfortunate prey, it also ruins the game at high levels when cheating players are out in force.