‘Unmasked’ Newcastle screenshot spurs hopes for new Apex Legends skins

Alan Bernal

Apex Legends players really want new Legendary Newcastle skins in Respawn’s pipeline after seeing a well-timed shot of the Mobile Defender in-game.

The Season 13: Saviors launch introduced players to their new favorite support Legend, Newcastle, who spotlighted a really strong May 10 update from Respawn Entertainment.

While Apex players can see Bangalore’s older brother without his Robocop-esque visor across the menus, people can’t help but wonder of a world where the devs give him a skin to showcase his mug.

After seeing a closeup of NC on May 16, the Apex community are now holding out for cosmetics that would put a bigger shine on the character’s face.

apex legends newcastle
Respawn aren’t shy about showing Newcastle’s face, but Apex Legends players want to see that translate with in-game skins.

People were surprised to see a bugged view of the Season 13 Legend who looks “happy to be in the game,” as some users noted.

“In case anyone has ever wondered [what] Newcastle looks like without his helmet in game, here you go,” user ‘DareM0X’ said of the still.

This view immediately gave people a jonesing to see more versions of the Gridiron-native without his helm in the way.

“I hope they release a skin with it off. Looking like a bootleg-ass Robocop,” one person quipped. “Same,” another player said. “Not a fan of any of the Legendary skins, all look too similar to each other and not different enough from default.”

In Apex, Legendary skins go above-and-beyond a typical recolor of a base model that really give unique takes to the battle royale’s cast.

With just a week since his release, there’s only five Legendary skins but all of them keep a version of his visored helmet on.

Respawn are sure to explore more ways to show off its S13 character as the season goes on, so we’ll have to wait and see if Apex Legends players will get to play with Newcastle with the mask off.

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