Rarest Apex Legends skins: Legendary character skins no one uses

. 10 months ago
Rarest apex legends skins legendary
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Everyone wants to have one of the best and most elusive skins on their character in Apex Legends, but which skins are actually the rarest in-game? These ten skins are statistically the least worn legendary skins in Apex.

Although some skins have a reputation for being ‘OG’ or ‘rare’, Respawn is bringing back lots of classic skins in future events, meaning that not skins will be ‘OG’ for long.

You may actually have one of the rarest skins in your inventory already, and not even realize it.

These skins are the rarest by pick rate in Apex Legends right now, according to usage stats from Apex Status. This doesn’t mean they are the rarest in players’ inventory, but they are the least used skins.

Top 10 rarest Apex legendary skins

10. Stay Frosty – 0.006%

Stay Frosty Bangalore skin rarest
Respawn Entertainment
Stay Frosty is the least-worn Bangalore Legendary skin.

Bangalore’s Stay Frosty comes in at number 10 with a very low use rate of only 0.006%. Released in the first Holo-Day Bash event, this skin came back in 2020 too.

9. Crystalline Perfection – 0.005%

Crystalline Perfection Loba rarest
Respawn Entertainment
This holo-day bash skin is Loba’s least-worn Legendary.

Loba’s Crystalline Perfection is not a popular pick at all. It was released with the Holo-Day Bash 2020 event, but Loba players don’t love this skin.

8. Dark Cloud – 0.005%

Dark Cloud caustic rarest
Respawn Entertainment
A very rare sight, Caustic’s Dark Cloud skin.

This classic Caustic Skin hasn’t been available since May 2019. Any Caustic mains with this equipped are guaranteed to be OGs.

7. The Trophy Hunter – 0.005%

the trophy hunter caustic skin rarest
Respawn Entertainment
Even rarer Caustic skin: The Trophy Hunter

An extremely rare Caustic skin, The Trophy Hunter hasn’t been available since April 2019. It is a recolor of Caustic’s ‘Blackheart.’

6. Shell-Shocked – 0.005%

shell shocked gibraltar skin rarest
Respawn Entertainment
Shell-Shocked is a recolor of Gibraltar’s Ride or Die.

Gibraltar’s 2nd-rarest Legendary, Shell-Shocked was last available in May 2020.

5. Midnight Cipher – 0.005%

Midnight Cipher crypto skin rarest
Respawn Entertainment
This Crypto skin is a rare recolor of his Deadly Byte skin.

This Deadly Byte recolor was released in the Fight or Fright event in 2020, part of the Prince of Darkness bundle.

4. Vaporwave – 0.004%

Vaporwave Wattson skin rarest
Respawn Entertainment
This Legendary Wattson skin is a fly-by-wire recolor.

Last available in January 2020, not many Wattson mains are rocking this Fly-by-wire recolor, Vaporwave.

3. Center Stage – 0.004%

Center Stage mirage skin rarest
Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s Center Stage is his least-worn Legendary.

A recolor of Angel City Hustler, this Mirage Legendary hasn’t been available since April 2019.

2. Born in Blood – 0.004%

born in blood gibraltar skin rarest
Respawn Entertainment
A Halloween skin for Gibraltar is his least-worn Legendary.

Born in Blood was available in the Resurrected Bundle, released in the Fight or Fright event in 2020.

1. Hack Frost – 0.003%

Hack frost crypto skin rarest
Respawn Entertainment
Hack Frost is the least-worn Legendary skin in Apex Legends.

The absolute rarest Legendary skin that you’ll very scarcely see worn in-game is Crypto’s Hack Frost. This skin has been available in both Holo-Day Bash events, so we might see it again this year.

That’s the top ten rarest skins (in terms of use) in Apex Legends right now – but this list could change if these skins are re-released in-game, so we’ll keep you up to date.

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