Apex Legends players split over Newcastle’s strength despite 1% pick rate

Chris Studley
Newcastle from Apex Legends

Despite a very low pick rate, several Apex Legends players have made it known that the player base may be “sleeping on” a hardly-used fighter.

Apex players tend to gravitate towards popular figures like Pathfinder and Horizon, the latter of whom now has a skin that’s glitchy to say the least. On the other hand, many of Apex Legends’ characters are trapped in relative obscurity.

However, that hasn’t stopped some from having success with some of these less popular characters in the game like Crypto & Rampart.

Quite a few players have lamented Newcastle’s low pickrate as they win games with the heavily “slept-on” Legend. Despite him being the least-used character in the game, he’s got a place in the right hands.

Apex Legends laud Newcastle’s abilities

On Reddit, several players have highlighted Newcastle’s strength in Apex Legends, despite a lowly 1% pick rate that makes him one of the least-popular characters in the game. A user by the name of u/anidevv managed to take home a W with Newcastle thanks to effective use of his abilities and some well-placed shots.

Newcastle does have strength in Apex Legends thanks to its Fortified ability, one that reduces incoming damage by 15%. His Mobile Shield can also act as protection for both the character and teammates. However, others on Reddit did highlights his flaws and shed some light on why Newcastle isn’t as good as the video indicates.

Multiple players commented that part of the reason why Newcastle pushed that individual to victory was, in part, because of his lowly pick rate. Since very few actually use him, Newcastle can be tough to take down should players not be familiar with his abilities. Another noted that he’s just “a bullet sponge” and too easy to hit, with one player describing him as a “fridge”.

As mentioned earlier, Newcastle has a very low pick rate. The Apex character’s 1.2% pick rate (h/t Apex Legends Status) sits as the lowest one of the bunch, just a shade less than Crypto’s 1.3%. But if used properly, that footage is proof that Newcastle can carry his team in Apex Legends.

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