Clever Newcastle main dreams up brilliant Apex Legends change to help new players

Alec Mullins
Newcastle soaring through the skies in Apex Legends

A crafty Apex Legends player has dreamed up a small addition to the game that could help players of all ranks realize Newcastle’s full potential.

Newcastle is one of the newer additions to the Apex roster. He arrived in Season 13 and floated around the meta for a while after release.

While some pro players predict that he’ll be making a big splash as Season 16 continues, he doesn’t get the same appreciation at the lower ranks of Apex Legends.

This isn’t a great surprise to the community though. The big guy is all about teamwork, and that’s something that has to be learned through experience. However, one player has suggested that Respawn could help fledgling players understand him better with the tiniest of additions.

Apex Legends fan suggests brilliant change to help Newcastle mains

Newcastle is a combat medic similar to his sister Lifeline. While she’s all about getting people back on their feet and back to full health, big brother prefers to dive into the battle and drag his teammates to safety through the use of his shield.

What’s important to understand here is that the higher quality of the knockdown shield that Newcastle has, the stronger protection he has from incoming fire as he attempts to pick his squadmates up.

That’s why Reddit user Shocker_103 is pleading with Respawn to add a note to the game that suggests players should give up their squads best Knockdown Shield to their friendly Newcastle.

“Respawn please consider putting some sort of indicator to encourage players to give Newcastle a better knockdown shield,” they begged.

This is standard practice at the higher levels of play, but for newer players or those who don’t regularly play with him in their squad, it might not be as obvious a choice. However, giving Newcastle more opportunities to save a team from sticky situations can only result in massive benefits in productivity for him.

There’s no telling whether Respawn will actually pull the trigger on something like this, but making every Legend more approachable could be beneficial to the game.