Leaked Apex Legends character abilities receive huge overhaul after update

Andy Williams

An Apex Legends data miner has revealed a plethora of updates to previously leaked Legends in the code of the in-game files following Patch 3.1 going live – with some characters edging closer to making their debut sooner rather than later.

As Respawn Entertainment roll out more updates for their flagship battle royale, more information is added to the bones of the game which data miners latch onto and decrypt it accordingly. 

Twitter user, @RealApexLeaks, uncovered a host of changes that have been made to multiple leaked Legends during an update that was pushed live on November 5 — with one particular character looking poised to drop into World’s Edge in the near future.

EACrypto was the most recent character to be added to the ever expanding roster of Legends.


During the most recent update the ‘Populist Pyromaniac’ received two updates to their current ability set. Downfall’s current Tactical Ability remained the same, but it was the Passive and Ultimate that received a slight modification. 

‘Burning Anger’ still remains embedded within the code, although a potential second Passive Ability has now been added. Downfall’s Ultimate also received a description change.

  • Previous Passive: Burning Anger — “Dealing damage builds rage. Filling your rage meter makes you immune to fire for 20 seconds.”
  • New Passive: Fire Walker  — “You automatically extinguish fire by walking through it. Burning teammates will be extinguished when they move close to you.”
  • Previous Ultimate: Reign of Fire — “Fire a cascade of incendiary rockets.”
  • New Ultimate: Reign of Fire — “Fire a rocket propelled fire bomb.”


Husaria received a minor adjustment to their character abilities, with the core of the three abilities remaining the same. However, the Passive Ability (Shotgun Kick) received an update to its description, which added a ‘speed boost’.

  • Previous Passive: Shotgun Kick — “A breaching shotgun on your calf that discharges when you melee doors or enemies. Requires shotgun ammo.”
  • New Passive: Shotgun Kick — “You have a shotgun on your leg that fires when you melee doors or enemies. Requires shotgun ammo. Using your abilities grants you a brief speed boost.”


Rampart appears to have received an overhaul to three out of the five abilities leaked thus far — both ‘Fixer’ and ‘Cover Fire’ remained unchanged. 

The character’s lack of description hints that they are still in early development. However, based on the list of abilities, the Legend appears to be an independent mercenary, with a list of soldier–esque traits. 

  • Previous Ability: Amped Cover — “Builds cover that provides a damage boost to anyone standing near it, can be picked up and moved.”
  • New Ability: Amped Cover — “Build cover with an upper barrier that blocks incoming shots and boosts the damage of outgoing shots.”
  • Previous Ability: My Friend Maxim — “Places a mounted machine gun that anyone in the squad can use, uses heavy ammo.”
  • New Ability: Emplaced HMG — “Place a mounted machine gun that anyone can use. High ammo capacity, long reload time.”
  • Previous Ability: Gunner — “LMG’s have increased magazine capacity and reload faster.”
  • New Ability: Gunner — “Machine guns have increased magazine capacity and reload faster.”



Revenant’s first appearance came through the Shadowfall LTM, which teased the character as the puppet-master behind a host of mysterious ongoings leading to the revival of Legends as ‘Shadows’ during a limited-time game mode. 

Previously described as ‘Nightmare Simulacrum’, the character is now referred to as a ‘Synthetic Nightmare’ — meaning that their character reference no longer pertains to being a figment of the imagination, but more something that’s meant to represent an unnatural horror. 

Moreover, the Synthetic Nightmare’s second stance (referred to as Shadow Form) appears to have been removed entirely, with one new ability being added in-place:

  • New Ability: Silence — “Throw a device that disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds.”


Rosie has been rumored to be in development since February, meaning that she is one of the more complete Legends yet to make an appearance. 

The update brought one minor change to her abilities, with the function to remove ‘hidden compartments in loot bins’ being removed. 

  • Previous Passive: Eye for quality — “Rosie can see through walls and can open up hidden compartments in loot bins.”
  • New Passive: Eye for quality — “Loba (Rosie) can see nearby loot through walls.”


Described as a ‘Soaring Aviator’, Valk has perhaps received the largest update out of the list of leaked Legends. 

  • Previous Passive: Afterburners — “After initial drop, Valk and her teammates fly faster while skydiving.”
  • New Passive: VTOL Jets — “Hold jump to initiate VTOL Jets.”
  • Previous Tactical: VTOL Jets — “Hold (button) to hover VTOL jet.”
  • New Tactical: Cluster Missile — “Fire a rocket that explodes multiple times.”
  • Previous Ultimate: Skyward — “Valk and nearby allies take to the skies after a short countdown.”
  • New Ultimate: Skyward — “Press once to prepare for launch. Teammates can interact with Valk to join the launch. Press again to launch into the air and skydive.”

Aside from the plethora of changes that have come to character abilities, Forge has now been added to the localization files – joining the Wattson and Crypto – meaning that we could be seeing them sooner rather than later. 

Of course, this must be taken with a pinch of salt, since all of the above is subject to change before each Legend goes live. For a full list of leaked characters and their abilities, stay tuned to our leaked character hub, which will be updated as more information slips through the cracks.

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