ImperialHal slams “useless” Horizon Ultimate in Apex Legends after secret nerf

ImperialHal Apex Legends HorizonRespawn Entertainment/TSM

Apex Legends pro Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has slammed Horizon’s “useless” Ultimate after it was hit with a secret nerf in the Spellbound update.

The Spellbound Collection Event in Apex Legends arrived on January 10 and while no character buffs or nerfs were mentioned in the patch notes, Horizon was hit with a set of unintentional changes.

One involved removing the accuracy of her shots while hovering on her Gravity Lift and the other prevented her Ultimate from pulling enemies through walls and shields.

While Respawn quickly reverted the change to her Tactical, revealing that it was added too early and would be coming in a future patch, the secret Ultimate nerf is still live in-game.

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Well, after playing the Gravitational Manipulator, ImperialHal has claimed her Ultimate is now “useless” and “doesn’t do anything”.

Horizon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Horizon’s Ultimate was secretly nerfed with the Spellbound Collection Event.

ImperialHal slams devs for making Horizon Ultimate “useless”

During a recent stream, Hal was playing Horizon on Olympus in Ranked and used her Ultimate on an enemy squad to prevent them from aggressively pushing.

Unfortunately, the Black Hole did very little to stop them, resulting in Hal being overwhelmed by his foes and eliminated from the match.

Following this, the TSM pro complained that Horizon Ultimate is now “useless” and “doesn’t do anything” after the secret nerf.

Calling out the “dumb” decision to implement the changes, Hal thinks the Black Hole feels like a “decoy” now rather than a powerful ability.

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It’s clear Hal is confused why the devs decided to revert the Tactical nerf, but leave the Ultimate changes in-game.

Based on his reaction, it seems unlikely that he’ll be playing Horizon much in the future as the Black Hole is a core part of her kit, especially in the later stages of an intense match.