ImperialHal wants Apex Legends to make OP characters again and stop “boring” nerfs

Connor Bennett
ImperialHal in black hoodie looking at Horizon in Apex Legends

Apex Legends star Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen wants the battle royale to have “OP” Legends once again, as he says the constant nerfs have made things a little “boring” in-game. 

The one thing that has set Apex Legends apart from its battle royale rivals is the fact that it has a roster of characters – well, legends – that each have their own unique abilities. 

Alongside weapon and map changes, these legends also get buffed and nerfed with each season, causing constant shifts in the meta. However, according to two-time ALGS MVP ImperialHal, these nerfs have made the battle royale a bit “boring” recently, and he wants to see “OP” characters make a return. 

The Falcons Esports star touched on the subject of legend changes during his July 2 stream, as he wanted to see Horizon get a little love from Respawn, and suggested how to make her abilities a bit more useful. 

“I’m all for making characters OP. I’m tired of playing boring ass characters. Every character just gets nerfed, nobody gets buffed and it just becomes so bland and boring,” he said after pointing out how he’d given Horizon some stronger abilities. 

“They need to stop doing that s*it. When was the last time we had a good character that was released too? The last good character that was released was Seer, right? We get one good character maybe every five seasons.” 

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Hal urged Respawn to “star buffing s*it” and “make things OP” moving forward. “There are so many characters that are absolutely useless,” he added. 

Having overpowered characters ultimately causes headaches for players and the devs, prompting the latter to have to string into action before the player base starts to move on to other games. 

We’ve seen that previously when the likes of Horizon and Wraith ran wild with abilities that were too strong to play against, so it’s doubtful we’ll see anything similar anytime soon.

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