Apex Legends secretly nerfs Horizon’s Gravity Lift

Horizon in Apex Legends' Olympus mapRespawn Entertainment

Popular legend Horizon appears to have received an under-the-radar nerf in Apex Legends, with players realizing her Gravity Lift Tactical is far from as strong as it was before the Spellbound event update.

The Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event dropped in-game on January 10. Among other things, it brought Seer’s Heirloom into the Apex Games, alongside heavily requested Private Matches.

It also had some unintended consequences, with the devs forced to address server issues late on the day of its release.

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While Respawn did release detailed patch notes for the update, it seems that not everything was included. Specifically, a much-requested Horizon nerf appears to have made its way into the game, despite not being mentioned in the update’s notes.

Secret Horizon nerf 

Sharing a clip to his Twitter on January 10, Apex Legends pro HisWattson highlighted the changes to Horizon, specifically affecting her Gravity Lift tactical. 

Where Horizon previously experienced no accuracy penalty while using her Gravity Lift, bullets fire far less accurately now when she is hovering. 

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He jokingly captioned his tweet: “Horizon is dead.” 

While players have been vocal in their demands for a Horizon nerf, complaints have centered on the lack of audio that accompanies her abilities. 

The accuracy-based nerf brings her more in line with other legends, like Octane, who already receive penalties to their shots when using their abilities (in Octane’s case, his Jump Pad Ultimate). 

Some were frustrated that such a major legend balancing was absent from the event’s patch notes. Others, though, welcomed the changes and argued Horizon will be better balanced moving forwards as a result. 

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Respawn, amid doubt over whether the changes were intentional or not, have not publicly addressed the Horizon nerf yet.

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