ImperialHal blasts Apex Legends devs over “embarrassing” stealth Horizon nerf

ImperialHal competing for TSM next to Horizon in Apex LegendsALGS / Respawn

TSM pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has blasted Respawn over secret changes made to Horizon’s Gravity Lift, which dropped with the Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event on January 10. 

The Spellbound Collection Event dropped in-game on January 10. Alongside the much-coveted Seer Heirloom, it also dropped Private Matches in Apex Legends for the first time. 

However, players have quickly realized that some changes made did not feature in the update’s patch notes

Specifically, Season 7 legend Horizon has received a stealth nerf, with her Gravity Lift Tactical now giving a serious accuracy penalty. 

While some praised the weakening of one of Apex’s strongest legends, others were frustrated by significant balancing adjustments being omitted from the patch notes. 

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ImperialHal criticizes secret Horizon nerf

Siding with the latter was ImperialHal, who blasted the devs for the changes. 

In particular, he expressed his unhappiness with the community for demanding changes, claiming they simply struggled to play with and against Horizon. 

“One of the few legends with an insane skill gap praised being nerfed since they couldn’t utilize it properly,” he said. Truly (embarrassing to see), oh well.”

Debating the issues with OXG Esports’ Hill, he joked that players prefer legends who “play the game for you”. 

He even quipped that it might be time to retire and start a family as a result of the nerf to Horizon. 

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We highly doubt that the changes will push one of the best Apex players in the world into retirement, but it’s clear that Hal thinks Respawn could have handled Horizon better. 

Currently, there’s speculation that the changes were an error or a Season 16 change which slipped out early. The devs have not commented publicly on the changes as of the publication of this article.