ImperialHal says Horizon’s Season 16 nerf was “so bad” for Apex Legends

Connor Bennett
ImperialHal alongside Horizon using finisher in Apex Legends

Apex Legend star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen took shots at players who wanted Horizon nerfed in Season 16, saying the no Horizon meta is “bad” on maps like Storm Point. 

When Respawn Entertainment revealed that the gap between Season 15 and Season 16 of Apex Legends was going to be the longest ever, plenty of fans got excited about the possibility of a massive overhaul. 

Season 16, also known as Revelry, kicked off on February 14, and didn’t add a new legend for the first time in the battle royale’s history. That allowed Respawn to rework the class system for the current crop of legends, splitting them into five classes rather than just three. 

On top of that, seven legends were changed in one way or another, giving the meta a serious shake-up for the first time in a long time. Though, ImperialHal isn’t a fan of how things have shaken out for Horizon. 

ImperialHal believes no Horizon meta is “bad” in Apex Legends Season 16

The TSM star, who hasn’t been shy in voicing his opinions on what he thinks Respawn got wrong in Season 16, believes that the lack of Horizon in the meta makes maps like Storm Point “bad” to play. 

“A map like Storm Point, with not having the Horizon meta, is so bad. How do you even push a rooftop like that, with all three of them height, with the Horizon q?” Hal said during a recent stream. 

“I didn’t want Horizon to be nerfed but everyone was bitching ‘oh my god, Horizon crutch, Horizon crutch.’ I love how people bitched about how Horizon was so OP but then there was like three teams who played her on LAN. Actually hilarious.” 

Timestamp of 0:46

While Horizon hasn’t completely fallen off in Apex, her pick rate has seen a significant slide. She’s now got a 3.4% pick rate, which is seventh-best according to ApexLegendsStatus

It’s unlikely that the devs will give her a buff so soon after a nerf, but it might be something for them to consider moving forward.

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