ImperialHal slams “dumb” Apex Legends change pro players want in competitive

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends star Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has hit out at a “dumb” idea that is being floated about to change how players would spawn into competitive matches, even though some of his fellow pros are on board. 

While Apex Legends sets itself apart from other battle royale titles with the use of characters that have set abilities, Respawn’s game still follows the same formula as others. You drop in, loot up, and hope to be the last team or player standing once the dust settles. 

Everyone has their favorite landing spots, but when it comes to the professional side of the game, there is an understanding between teams about who lands where no matter what path the dropship may take in a particular game. 

Respawn has considered changing things up, however. According to a leaked letter, the devs have an idea from devs to do away with the dropship and put teams at their preferred location. This, they believe, would make it a “greater test of skill,” and has apparently received backing from some pros. 

TSM’s ImperialHal isn’t a fan of the idea, though, and has brutally hit out at the “dumb” suggestion of it being a part of pro games. 

“That s*it is so dumb. Whoever was behind the playtest and said ‘yeah, that’s good’ is f**king brain-damaged. Literally brain-damaged. The players who were like ‘yeah, its good’ are f**king brain-damaged,” he said on stream after the idea became public. 

“It’s probably f**king XSET in there talking about oh my god the flight paths are so bad we gotta make sure they’re more balanced. It’s really f**king dumb, not gonna lie.”

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The Preset Spawn System is currently a part of private matches and Respawn are seeking further feedback from pros about it becoming a part of the ALGS. 

It isn’t a locked-in change, however, so we may never see it in ALGS play. And we know that ImperialHal certainly isn’t a fan.

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