Another secret Horizon nerf found in Apex Legends ruins her Ultimate

Horizon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Horizon’s Ultimate has been hit with a secret nerf in Apex Legends, making it impossible for the Black Hole to pull enemies through shields or walls.

Following the Spellbound Collection Event. the community noticed that Horizon’s Gravity Lift had been hit with a secret nerf. Whereas before players received no accuracy penalty while using the ability, once the patch went live, the Gravitational Manipulator’s shots were incredibly difficult to land while hovering.

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Shortly after, Respawn reverted the changes but a dev confirmed that they would be implemented at a later date and had just been pushed out too early.

Well, it turns out Horizon has been hit with another secret nerf but this time it’s for her Ultimate ability. The change not only makes her less strong, but it has also transformed another legend into a top-tier counter.

Horizon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Horizon has a 6.8% pick rate in Season 15.

Spellbound update secretly nerfs Horizon’s Ultimate

As showcased by Bobz, alongside her Tactical, it turns out Horizon’s Ultimate ability was also nerfed in the Spellbound patch.

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Now, the Black Hole does not pull through shields, walls, or barriers, so it’s a lot easier to counter a hard push using Horizon’s Ultimate.

Not only that, Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection is now a useful counter as placing it down and walking inside can protect an entire squad from the Black Hole.

Once again, this change was not mentioned in the patch notes and it’s possible that Respawn pushed out the nerf too early.

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For now, there’s been no response from the devs on whether this nerf was deliberate or potentially even a bug.

Either way, these changes to Horizon’s kit are guaranteed to affect her pick rate, especially when they degrade one of the strongest Ultimates in the game.

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