ImperialHal pinpoints biggest issue with Apex Legends Season 16 following launch

Mad Maggie from Apex Legends next to ImperialHalRespawn Entertainment / TSM

TSM pro player Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has outlined his biggest problem with Apex Legends Season 16, pointing to major issues with game sound. 

After weeks of anticipation, Apex Legends Season 16 – known as Revelry – has dropped. 

It overhauled Legend classification with new categories and perks and introduced the Nemesis burst fire AR to shake up the established kings in the assault rifle weapon class.   

However, it’s fairly typical for issues to surface in a new season’s immediate aftermath, with such significant patches frequently upsetting aspects of the game. With Season 15, for example, we saw server issues affect the playability of standard matches for days after its launch. 

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While nothing that egregious has surfaced in Season 16 just yet, TSM’s ImperialHal, fresh off the back of 1st place at ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in London, has highlighted one issue that’s just taking the shine off the new update. 

ImperialHal claims audio is “even worse” in Season 16

In a February 14 tweet, the Apex star said that the update has made his game’s audio “even worse”.

He said: “New season would be great if my audio somehow didn’t get even worse. Constant cuts in audio on so many things happening.” 

While he didn’t delve into specifics, there have been reports that doors no longer make noise in-game, even when they are kicked off their hinges by players. Naturally, that’s a surefire way to detect an enemy sneaking up on you. 

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Audio has been an issue in Apex Legends for some time. In fact, just before Season 16 dropped, Respawn confirmed they were actively investigating problems with the BR’s sound.

They pledged to work on it “season after season”, so fans should rest assured that Respawn will already be working to identify, recreate and solve the fresh issues that have come with Revelry.