ImperialHal defends Apex Legends as solo-queue complaints continue

Joe Craven
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TSM’s Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has surprised some of his viewers by defending how difficult solo-queuing is for players in Apex Legends Ranked modes, arguing that the game is fundamentally team-based. 

Solos and solo-queuing has long been a contentious topic in the Apex Legends community. It seems that a large portion of the player-base want a Solos mode added permanently to the Respawn battle royale, but the devs insist it is a team game, and legends are designed to work together and complement one another.

That, in turn, has led to many frustrations amongst Ranked players, especially those who do not have two teammates to play with consistently. Solo queuing means being dropped into a team of strangers, and having to hope they have mics and are taking the game seriously.

As such, some players have called on Respawn to alleviate solo-queuing issues and make the game more rewarding to reflect the increased challenges they face. However, ImperialHal has argued the counter.

ImperialHal Apex Legends pro in front of Storm Point background
ImperialHal is an Apex pro, currently signed to TSM.

In a May 13 clip, the pro player outlined that solo-queuing Ranked should make the game more difficult, because it fundamentally goes against the BR’s team-based gameplay.

“People are complaining that it’s hard to rank up because they’re solo queuing,” he explained. “But I’m telling them I feel like it’s reasonable to have a threshold for solo queuers to be able to reach. Like the game is a team game, you have to three-stack. If you’re not, you’re just handicapping yourself and you’re only gonna get so far with it.”

He also argued that casual players are more likely to play alone, and so should be less bothered about their rank than those in teams who want to invest more time and climb up the leaderboards.

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Hal’s comments will undoubtedly divide opinion to some extent. His teammates echoed his thoughts on the matter but some, especially those forced to solo queue, clearly want Respawn to do more.

Only time will tell how, if at all, the devs want to help solo queuers.

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