NICKMERCS explains why he wants Horizon removed from Apex Legends Ranked completely


Popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has revealed why he wants Horizon banned from Apex Legends competitive, explaining his reasons for her removal. 

Apex Legends is home to a variety of unique characters, which give players plenty of choices when it comes to making their desired team comp. NICKMERCS is certainly no stranger to Apex Legends’ competitive scene and the popular streamer has now revealed which Legend he’d ban.

While each pick has its own unique abilities and synergies, there are a number of reasons why certain characters receive a higher pick rate in the game. In fact, the combination of certain skills can give players a huge advantage over their foes, especially when coordinating with a team. 

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However, NICKMERCS believes that Horizon should be removed completely from competitive play due to her “weird” and “inconsistent” kit. 

NICKMERCS wants Horizon removed from Apex Legends

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Horizon continues to be divisive within the Apex Legends community.

“I felt like a little kid playing Jumanji, getting sucked into the board game. I hate getting sucked in by Horizon, I can’t stand it. That’s the worst character in the video game,” explained Nick. 

Horizon currently has a 6% pick rate in Apex Legends, making her the 6th most popular pick in the game. This popularity is largely down to her deadly ultimate, which creates a micro-black hole that pulls all nearby players towards it. 

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When used in conjunction with other abilities, this ability can be absolutely devastating. While this ability can also have a negative impact on her team if used poorly, Nick believes Horizon is just too potent. 

“It’s horrible, it’s inconsistent, and it’s weird,” the streamer said. “It goes through walls, it’s just not it. It’s meta, she’s got to go – I hate her. Space momma has got to go, she’s got to get banned from competitive. She’s got a [ultimate] that sucks people through anything and [disrupts] teammates.”

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Whether Respawn will make any adjustments to Horizon remains to be seen, but for now, the Gravitational Manipulator remains a staple pick for many Apex Legends players.

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