ImperialHal praises Apex Legends Season 19 Ranked changes but fears for solo queue

Connor Bennett
ImperialHal Apex Legends

TSM star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has praised Apex Legends’ new Ranked changes in Season 19, but agrees it’s still got a way to go before solo players are happy too. 

Over the last couple of seasons in Apex Legends, fans of Respawn’s futuristic battle royale have been eager to see the Ranked mode being updated. There have been many complaints about how Ranked points have been distributed, who has been able to get to the top-tier levels, and so on. 

In Season 19, Respawn tackled a few fair of those problems with an overhaul to Ranked play. Now, there are more bonus points on offer, you can team up with any rank, and there are promotion matches.

Those changes have drawn plenty of acclaim from players, but there’s still some frustration from those who utilize the solo queue to join other duos – or even play by themselves. 

ImperialHal praises Ranked changes in Apex Legends Season 19

TSM’s ImperialHal believes that the solo queue frustrations are probably not going to go away anytime soon, even though he says Respawn have done a solid job with the changes. 

“I think the new Ranked right now is even better, the promotional trials are really, really good. A really good addition to the game. I’m so surprised it wasn’t a thing earlier,” Hal said during a recent stream before switching his focus to solo queue.

“Solos won’t be fixed unless they change how you queue up with solos. There’s nothing they can do unless they change the system when it comes to solo queueing. That’s what they have to do for it to be easier. The problem with solo queuing right now is that you run into three stacks and s*it,” he added. 

Respawn have always maintained that changes to the battle royale are focused on trios, which is how the game is meant to be played. 

They’ve never quite been up for adding a solo experience, so additional changes for solo queuers are probably on the backburner, sadly.