Apex Legends finally adding Laser Sight attachment in Season 14

apex legends car smgRespawn Entertainment

Laser Sights is a new weapon attachment coming to Apex Legends in Season 14 – after months of speculation. Here’s what laser sights do, and what weapons it works with.

Season 14 of Apex Legends is set to be a very interesting one thanks to the emergence of the new Legend Vantage, as well as the long-awaited level cap increase.

But as well as a new character to use in Apex, players are also going to have access to a brand new weapon attachment to improve the accuracy and usability of some of the game’s best weapons – a Laser Sight.

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Laser Sight for Pistols and SMGs

Assault Rifles and LMGs are generally top dogs when it comes to Apex Legends’ weaponry, but the new Laser Sight barrel attachment could throw a spanner in the works.

It was actually rumored a while back that the Laser Sight attachment was being tested out in the game, thanks to a leak.

Now, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that Laser Sights will be available from Season 14 onwards, and they will be usable on the game’s SMGs and Pistols.

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R-99 SMG in Apex Legends firing rangeRespawn/EA
SMGs like the R-99 will now take laser sights.

As in most other FPS games like Call of Duty, Laser Sights will help to combat hip-fire spread, making firing without aiming more accurate.

This will be tremendously useful in close-combat situations where an enemy suddenly appears next to you out of nowhere, and if you can obtain gold versions of the attachment, then you’ll certainly be locked and loaded to take an enemy down in no time at all.

The devs have also said that you’ll be able to change the color of the laser, similar to customization options seen with weapon reticles, to allow you to personalize your setup.

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A Laser Sight attachment is one of many reasons for players and fans to be excited about the new season of Apex Legends, along with suggestions that we are about to welcome back Skull Town to the game..