How to find the Giant Nessie easter egg in Apex Legends Kings Canyon

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An easter egg in Apex Legends spawns a massive nessy in the waters of Kings Canyon, but only after finding Wattson’s smaller nessies throughout the map and in the correct order. This easter egg is still available now, and has been there since launch.

Players won’t have long to unlock the easter egg since Kings Canyon will only be available until February 24, and it doesn’t help that finding the nessies basically requires a trio to spread out thin.

To spawn the giant nessie, you’ll have to correctly disperse a team across the map to find the 10 nessies in sequence to trigger the easter egg.

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How to spawn Kings Canyon Nessie in Apex Legends

Since the small nessies have to be shot in order from one through ten, it’s important for a team to stay alive, since getting into any fight will have you isolated without the support of your squad.

The first thing to do is send one member of the team to the south-central portion of the map while two others go to the northwest and northeast side, respectively. From there, it’s all about speed, effectiveness, and communication to find then shoot them in the right order before the ring closes in.

Even though Kings Canyon has changed a lot since Season 1, the nessie locations remain mostly the same, except a couple, so head to these spots:

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nessie locations on kings canyonThe nessie locations following the Season 8 update to Kings Canyon

Nessie locations on Kings Canyon

In order, the Nessies should be collected:

  1. Under the most-northern building in Containment
  2. Down on the cliff-side beside salvage
  3. On the outskirts of Spotted Lake
  4. West of Relay
  5. In the Water Treatment plant
  6. At the Respawn beacon near runoff
  7. At the bottom of the large rocks near Capacitor
  8. Outskirts east of Hydro Dam/south of Swamps
  9. Southeast of Bunker
  10. Swamps

If your team is cutting it close, the player that goes to the south side of the map can reach a bit to collect the ninth Nessie to help out with the progress.

But the player that goes for 4,6,8, and 10 are in for a trek around the outskirts of Kings Canyon since they have to start on the north side and make their way south.

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Finding all of the small nessies will make a giant nessie appear in the sea surrounding Kings Canyon.

After taking out a nessies, you should see a ‘A Nessy Appears’ notification in the killfeed, and once the last one has been collected ‘A Nessy Surfaces!’ tag will summon the behemoth.

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As the Apex Legends easter egg gets popular, there are sure to be more players on the hunt for Nessy, and there will be those looking to stop you in your path so be careful.