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Kings Canyon is returning to Apex Legends for a limited time

Published: 20/Feb/2020 18:12 Updated: 20/Feb/2020 18:56

by Eli Becht


In a surprise move, Respawn announced Kings Canyon would be returning to Apex Legends alongside World’s Edge.

Players have spent a couple of seasons now growing accustomed to World’s Edge, the current location in Apex Legends, but they have always had a spot in their heart for Kings Canyon.

Respawn decided to appease these fans by bringing the original map back for a limited time, news that’s sure to excite many of the longtime players.

Kings Canyon landscape in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Kings Canyon will never be fully gone.

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Beginning on Friday, February 21, and running through February 24, Kings Canyon will be playable along with the current map. However, it’s not an exact replica of the map as we last knew it, but instead, it’s the Season 1 version.


It’s currently unclear if the game will decide randomly what map players will be dropped into, or if they’ll have the option to choose themselves.

It was always known that Respawn wouldn’t ever get rid of the map for good, especially when you consider how much time they put into fine-tuning it.

We’ve seen other games with multiple maps make them all playable in one way or another, with PUBG making all of its available at any time.

It looks like Apex Legends will continue to keep World’s Edge around going forward, but it’s good to see them realize that there’s still a large audience of players out there who enjoy the first map just as much, if not more.


EAKings Canyon has returned yet again.

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Keep in mind that Kings Canyon will not be around forever, so if you plan on jumping into the original location once again, you’ll only have this weekend to do so before it’s removed from the game.

Of course, it will likely not be gone forever as the developers have clearly shown a willingness to bring it back for special occasions. In fact, they’ll be doing just that on March 24 for the second ranked split before it disappears yet again.

Who knows, perhaps Season 5 could see a permanent return or a whole new map entirely.


For now, Apex Legends Season 4 players get a taste of both worlds.