How to get third person mode in Apex Legends firing range

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Apex Legends has a third-person mode — believe it or not — as an easter egg in the firing range. Here’s everything you need to know to pull it off and experience the shooter from a new perspective.

Apex Legends’ enduring popularity is a testament to Respawn’s excellent game-design, with attention to detail clear in almost all aspects of the battle royale.

That remains true when it comes to the game’s firing range as well, with easter eggs available for players to unlock.

One of the most popular easter eggs players have discovered is a third person mode. It was briefly removed from the game, but has since returned in Apex Legends Season 11 as part of update 1.84.

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Any of Apex Legends’ characters should be usable in the third-person mode, provided you do it correctly.

How to activate third person mode in Apex Legends

Activating third person mode in Apex Legends is pretty easy, once you figure out the exact steps to do so.

  1. Once in the firing range, you’ll need to travel to one of the far corners. This is easiest as Pathfinder (but certainly doable as other legends like Ash).
  2. Grapple on to the champion banner on the right side of the map, before swinging round to a ledge that stands behind it.
  3. Once here, you’ll see a small bush that you’ll need to stand in. You’ll need to go right into the corner of the map (which is pretty much inside the bush), and then crouch.
  4. Once crouched, simply change character and an audio cue will play to let you know that you’ve successfully changed into third person mode. This will be reflected in your visuals.

It’s important to note, too, that you need a completely clear inventory in order to pull this off. Below, courtesy of YouTuber ‘The Boogeyman‘, is the same tutorial, simply in video form.

Some fans were initially confused as to whether it was a visual bug, but Apex dev Jason McCord, who goes by the name MonsterClip, replied with the side-eyes emoji when it first gained traction on Reddit.

This was taken as confirmation of its intentional involvement in Apex Legends, and perhaps a signal that there are many more easter eggs for players to discover. 

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In case you were wondering, Respawn confirmed the third person easter egg is a feature, not a bug.

However, as cool as a third-person mode would be in normal Apex Legends (even making an appearance as an LTM in Season 3), it’s currently only achievable in the game’s firing range.

In terms of other easter eggs, there’s almost certainly going to be some that have not yet been discovered. Whether in firing range or on the new maps, it’s worth jumping in and trying to find them.