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10 tips on how to be a good teammate in Apex Legends

Published: 16/Feb/2021 16:45 Updated: 16/Feb/2021 16:57

by Theo Salaun


Apex Legends is as team-based a battle royale as they get, so it’s worth reinforcing exactly how players can be the best teammate possible and make lives a little easier.

From choosing a character to capitalizing on abilities in combat, practically everything in Apex Legends is dictated by team synergy. Whether you’re dropping in with randoms or playing with friends, players should remember the basic tenets of teamwork. 

We’ve therefore put together 10 commandments for being a good team player and helping your squad be as cohesive as possible.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends has 15 different characters you can select from in Season 7.

1. Be flexible about Legend selection

The starting point for every match finds three squad members choosing between the game’s 16 Legends in a randomized order. Don’t be a stickler, understand that people can have the same main as you and have a few characters you’re comfortable playing if your favorite gets taken. 

There’s no need to cause conflict before a match starts with your teammates, it’ll always reduce your chances of coming away with the victory.

2. Communicate (preferably on voice chat)

The most crucial commandment of them all: whether through pings or voice chat, talk to your team. This will allow you to adapt to their playstyles and best succeed in your engagements by determining ideal rotations. Apex has an extremely good ping system – so make the most of it!

The best is to both call out enemy locations on the microphone and with pings, but either is better than neither.

P.S. If you’re on mic, don’t play loud music in the background, and remember to mute yourself when a mom or roommate starts yelling at you.

3. Drop as a team

Everyone can make suggestions for drop location, but, ultimately, majority or jumpmaster rules—so be ready to follow their lead and don’t land miles away just because you like a different spot.

Respawn Entertainment
Teams that drop together, win together.

Conversely, while you should drop with your team, you shouldn’t drop on top of each other to the point that you’re splitting Supply Crates (unless absolutely necessary).

4. Don’t quit on your squad

Don’t quit just because you didn’t get your favorite Legend, and absolutely do not quit if you’ve been killed but your respawn banner is still retrievable. Never count out your squad, there’s always the chance they pop-off and carry you to a victory.

5. Don’t spam pings

Pinging is very useful, but spamming is not. Whether it’s a drop spot, needed ammo, or a Respawn Beacon, don’t be the nuisance that makes life a cluttered nightmare for your teammates (especially if they’re in combat). And if you act too needy, just be aware that your teammates may be driven to act like Reddit’s ‘bailey_kerr’ in this clip.

After five minutes of hearing he needs ammo I had had enough from ApexOutlands

6. Sharing is caring

Your team is as strong as its weakest link, so be sure to ping loot for teammates (especially early on) and drop needed ammo, shields, and meds when you can spare some. It’s never a good idea to leave one of your teammates to use their fists in a gunfight, it’s not very likely they’ll come out on top.

7. Don’t go Rambo

Just like you shouldn’t drop solo just because you like another location, don’t try and be the hero who spontaneously runs off from their team to push an engagement or separate area by yourself. Instead, ping or communicate your intentions so your unit can move as one.

The exception to this rule: if your teammates can’t be revived and want to run it back, you can throw caution to the wind, forget placement and go Rambo in their honor.

8. Practice safe revives

Reviving a downed teammate is an obvious priority, but you should do so smartly by clearing the area of threats, healing or shielding up, and then reviving them. To be clear, do not waste time looking for a better stock while your squadmate is still downed.

Below, Feest Mode demonstrates a great way of buying yourself some time using nades before reviving a teammate.

P.S. Even when downed, you can contribute by pinging enemies your team may not be able to see, or by providing some knockdown shield cover.

9. Treat your fallen comrades with respect

If your teammate has fully died and you’ve successfully brought their banner to a Respawn Beacon, one of two situations will arise: 1) They’ll respawn near enough to their death box to get their loot back, or 2) their box is too far and they’re dropping in with no gear.

In the former, be normal and don’t loot their goodies before they get back (unless you’re in critical need). In the latter, ping nearby loot for them or, worst comes to worst, drop whatever weapon, ammo, shields, and meds you can afford to hold them over.

10. Respect dibs

Just be courteous and don’t steal items a teammate has already dibbed. The game makes dibs obvious through the in-game ping system, so this should be pretty easy to follow. 

If you follow these simple rules, you will soon discover that basic human decency makes for a better playing experience with more rewarding interactions. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends devs “considering” permanent loot changes after Locked & Loaded mode

Published: 24/Feb/2021 9:51 Updated: 24/Feb/2021 9:56

by Jacob Hale


Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment are considering making the Locked & Loaded loot changes permanent thanks to how well-received the adjusted mode was by fans.

Locked & Loaded took place during the Anniversary Collection event throughout February 2021, removing grey or Level 1 loot from the loot pool and spawning players in with it instead.

Rather than dropping in with no weapon, you’d automatically have a helmet, shield, Mozambique, optic and syringes, somewhat similar to how battle royale competitor Warzone is.

That said, while it was only supposed to be a limited time event, players loved it — and now it might become permanent.

Mozambique shotgun in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Locked & Loaded sees all players spawn in with level 1 loot, including the Mozambique.

After one fan took to Reddit to commend Locked & Loaded and ask Respawn to consider making it the standard, they were provided with a little more hope than they might have expected.

A lead game designer at Respawn, Daniel Klein, commented in response, giving fans a glimmer of hope.

“We are… considering [it],” he said. “Carefully. No conclusion has been reached yet. I’m personally a little worried about shortening the loot loop by removing grey loot… other than that though, it seems like all upside.”

Locked and loaded changes permanent in Apex Legends
The Locked and Loaded loot changes may well become permanent soon enough.

Of course, the dev was met with a multitude of responses, overwhelmingly in favor of the change, but some were against it.

Some players said that going back to the base game was difficult, even if it was only for a couple of games. Others, though, suggested that it might be best to start with the grey loot but no weapon.

This is a sentiment echoed by TSM’s Viss and ImperialHal, who want the change to be made permanent, though Hal also believes there should be no weapon off spawn.

Obviously, as Klein says, no conclusion has been reached yet. They will likely continue to test how best the Locked & Loaded loot changes could work in the regular battle royale, but it definitely seems as though players are keen to make this change permanent.