Apex Legends expert reveals huge mistake that players make at every rank

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Apex Legends expert District has coached hundreds of players, and he believes there’s one huge mistake that all players need to correct in their gameplay.

Apex Legends can be a grueling experience for players of all ranks. The combination of movement, gun skill, and teamwork is unique in the battle royale genre, and that’s why some players, such as Dr. Disrespect, have labeled it the most difficult FPS on the market right now.

However, that’s not to say it’s impossible to be good at. A solid foundation can elevate players into the higher ranks even if they’re not the most mechanically sound fighters in the ring, and coach District has one major tip for players of all skill levels.

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Apex Legends coach shares massive tip for winning more fights

According to the high-level instructor, the number one mistake that players make on their climb to Pred is that they overcommit to fights, even if they begin to lose them, which jeopardizes their chances of staying alive and turning the tides.

In a recent TikTok, he showed off an example from his own gameplay where a teammate soars into the fight by himself and has a slight advantage at the start. However, as things go south, the coach backs up to heal and reposition, and the random doesn’t.

Predictably, that player goes down while District survives to keep fighting. Being full health and creating distance between himself and the now-bloodthirsty enemy team actually created leverage for him.

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The enemies now have to cross through open space to reach their target, while he is able to maintain cover and dish out damage as needed to keep them unsteady. As a result, they’re all weak by the time they catch up to him, and he finishes them off with ease.

“Basically, if you’re losing a fight, that’s okay. Just back up and try again,” he summarized. “You can’t win a game if you’re dead.”