Apex Legends squad shows off hilarious Three Strikes LTM strategy

Philip Trahan
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An Apex Legends squad devised a hilarious strategy to keep knocked players from running away in the Three Strikes LTM.

Apex Legends Three Strikes LTM is still going strong, with many claiming the mode has reignited their passion for the battle royale game.

For those who haven’t played Three Strikes yet, The game mode allows for teams to respawn with full gear up to three times, revive teammates quickly, and prevent damage when knocked.

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Now, one Apex Legends squad showed off a hilarious strategy they devised for keeping knocked players from returning to their teammates to get instantly revived.

Apex Legends squad traps knocked players in Three Strikes LTM

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit titled, “One way to keep knocks from running in 3 Strikes…” gained traction among fans.

The OP included a video clip that showed their squad managed to corral two knocked enemies into a makeshift pen using Rampart’s amped covers.

Having no way to jump over the barriers, the knocked players could do nothing but sit and wait for their third teammate as the squad decorated the pen with Holosprays.

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In the comments, the OP explained that “Their 3rd ran and hid in 3 strikes. The 2 knocks tried to crawl all the way to him so my teammates & I punched them to the wall where I then trapped them til their 3rd was found by another team.”

While some players accused the trio of camping in the LTM, the OP clarified this was their first fight.

“This was our first fight & their 3rd decided to run, hide, & never came back to res their teammates. So we were just messing around… Like who the heck rats in 3 Strike?” they asked.

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Considering the two knocked players could have simply bled out at will any time, their third teammate may have been biding their time to try and revive eventually.

Regardless, it seems they were discovered by another team, as the two captives eventually returned to death boxes. Rampart mains playing Three Strikes may want to create their own knocked pens for those pesky players who have a knack for running away.

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