ImperialHal reveals top tip to improve in Apex Legends Season 17 after Ranked changes

ImperialHal stood in front of Apex Legends characters fighting in Season 16TSM/Respawn

TSM star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has revealed his number one tip for improving in Apex Legends, and it’s slightly different from ones from the past. 

Even though Apex Legends is now over four years old and has gone through 17 seasons‘ worth of content, there are still plenty of new players dropping into the Apex Games who are looking to taste glory. 

Just like every other battle royale game out there, the objective is simple: be the last team alive when it’s all said and done. Though, given that Apex is unique because of its characters and abilities, you do have to select the right composition for your squad if you want to make it to the end. 

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Settling on a legend that you’re comfortable playing as is only one part of the puzzle, and while you could spend hours upon hours in the Firing Range honing your skills, Imperialhal suggests differently. 

ImperialHal reveals top tip for improving in Apex Legends

With Season 17: Arsenal, introducing changes to the Ranked system, Hal suggests just playing Ranked due to the cheaper cost of entry these days. 

“Number 1 Tip to Improve in Apex Legends: Since the Ranked system has very little punishment for dying early due to low entry cost this is the perfect opportunity to take as many fights as possible Solo Que or not. Improve your gun skill/Fundamentals to become the best,” he tweeted on May 14. 

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Hal did jokingly add that anyone can play like Sweet and “sit in a tree” but you’ve ultimately got to take gunfights to get anywhere seriously. 

The idea of playing Ranked may have been daunting previously, but with the new lower cost of entry and top players already taking up the Predator ranks, you can get some good reps in. 

Sure, not everyone is going to have the skills to qualify for the ALGS, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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