Apex Legends player called “teammate of the year” for impressive banner recovery

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An Apex Legends player managed to recover their teammate’s Respawn Banner from an impossible location, even with the timer winding down.

Fallen Apex Legends players can be revived by teammates in the heat of a match, though it requires a bit of work. Apex’s revive mechanic works such that a surviving team member must first retrieve a downed comrade’s Respawn Banner.

This can become especially tricky if the downed player succumbs to their wounds in enemy territory. That Apex Legends places a time limit on these recovery attempts makes them all the more challenging to pull off.

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But one dedicated teammate recently accomplished the impossible by retrieving a Respawn Banner in an out-of-bounds area.

Apex Legends fans applaud player for Respawn Banner recovery

In a Reddit post, user HM_Comet celebrated their friend by showing off footage of their miraculous Respawn Banner retrieval. Playing as Pathfinder, the friend scrambled up several boxes, then grappled onto an out-of-bounds area atop a building just to collect their squadmate’s banner.

They managed to nab it with only five seconds left on the “Recover” timer. By then, because they were beyond the map’s set parameters, the “Return to the Battle” timer had appeared, as well.

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After some weird maneuvering atop the structure and a quick grapple to the ground, the player returned to the game right on time.

“We went on to win this game btw,” the original poster noted in the replies. And the comments section wasted no time singing the Pathfinder player’s praises for doing the impossible.

One such response said the helpful squadmate deserves the “Teammate of The Year Award.” “Good on that teammate for trying and succeeding. I’m as impressed you didn’t disconnect as soon as you died lol,” reads another reply.

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Another Apex Legends player pointed out the following about the impressive Respawn Banner recovery, “He waited for his grapple to come back while staring down that death timer, what a dude.”

It seems Pathfinder mains never run out of ways to amaze the masses.

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