Apex Legends player stunned after encountering an 8-man squad in Trios

Philip Trahan
Apex Legends character lineup

An Apex Legends player was left stunned after encountering an 8-man squad while playing a normal round of Trios.

Apex Legends fans know that the battle royale title only has dedicated matchmaking options for Trios and Duos. Players who want to go into a match alone can choose a ‘No Fill’ team, but they must still choose either Trios or Duos.

While some fans have speculated whether larger party options like Quads could come to the hero-shooter BR title, Respawn seems keen on simply keeping team sizes down to three at the most.

However, that all went out the window after one player encountered an 8-man squad in a normal game of Trios.

Apex Legends player runs into 8-man squad in Trios

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit highlighted the strange encounter in a thread simply titled, “I encountered [an] 8 men squad on a normal game of Trios.”

The OP included a screenshot of their game, which showed them spectating a Squad that had eight total players. Interestingly enough, every member of the squad was a different Legend, meaning there were no double-ups.

While the player who posted the screenshot admitted they were “not sure if it’s a bug or a cheat” that they ran into, some players claimed this was possibly an old bug resurfacing in Season 17.

“There was a bug during early days of Apex when there were 4 players paired up in Trios…” said one fan, while another claimed, “This happened when Season 7 came out as well, teams of 5-15 all over the place.”

However, this particular bug was completely new to some players, as one fan said they’d never seen anything like this before. “Holy sh*t that’s insane lol, that’s definitely one I’ve never seen before. Here’s to hoping we don’t gotta deal with this sh*t in Season 18.”

Thankfully this bug seems rather rare, meaning it won’t likely be a frequent occurrence in most games, but if players see a mass of the same colored Dive Trails at the beginning of a match they should head the other way.

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