Apex Legends coach reveals simple fighting tip to help players climb Ranked

Alec Mullins
Horizon in Apex Legends is a quintessential Ranked character

An Apex Legends Predator rank player has shared an easy tip that most players can add to their gameplay to win more fights and stay alive longer.

Climbing the Apex Legends Ranked ladder is tough. The game has one of the most punishing Ranked systems in all of gaming, so the margins for error exponentially shrink as players approach the top.

That’s why when a top-ranked player shares simple tips to win more fights and lose less RP, it’s wise to break out the notebook and pay attention to what they’re saying. Thankfully, District is here to do exactly that, and his advice can be used by players at all ranks.

Apex Legends coach shares fighting tip to help Ranked players

The tip that District shared is based on peeking and how wide of angle players should take when they’re in an intense fight. Using a loot crate as an example, he demonstrated how much damage players can take in a single second if they poke out too far.

To fix this, he recommends using brief peeks to figure out how the enemy is positioned and how they might push you, keeping a very narrow-angle of attack.

It takes some getting used to for players who haven’t mastered it yet, as the window of opportunity to counterattack gets dramatically smaller, but it keeps the fighter shielded far better than a wide-swinging into a fight.

For anyone that’s struggling to add this kind of depth to their gameplay, the Firing Range is an excellent way to get more comfortable taking this on. Use some rocks or a ramp and practice hitting either the bots or the moving targets up top until it feels comfortable.

Doing this can be a major boost to an individual’s survival rate, and if their whole team nails it down, it can completely change their climb to the top.

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