Here’s why Wraith’s Marble Goddess skin isn’t broken in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has proven that Wraith’s Marble Goddess Skin isn’t actually broken anymore, following complaints about her “broken hitbox” while wearing the cosmetic item.

Wraith is without question the most popular legend in the Apex Games. Her speed, handy tactical ability, and game-changing Ultimate make her perfect for players wanting to quickly get in or out of the action.

As such, many find themselves getting frustrated with the character, and the new problematic skin only served to exacerbate any complaints made about the legend.

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Wraith marble goddess skin in Apex Legends Lost Treasures eventRespawn Entertainment
Wraith’s Marble Goddess skin was introduced to Apex Legends with the Lost Treasures event, with Legendary rarity,

To be fair to those complaining, at first, the skin really was broken, with Wraith becoming immune to headshots with the skin selected but also having a ridiculously large hitbox, making her an easy target for enemies.

Now, though, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

As evidenced in a video below from The Gaming Merchant, Respawn have given the Marble Goddess skin a little update and made it much more fair on both user and enemy.

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You can see that while you can no longer hit Wraith by shooting around her body, you are able to do damage if you hit any part of her actual body and, more importantly, headshot damage works exactly as intended.

It seems as though Wraith’s Marble Goddess skin is now working exactly as it should be, doing damage if you hit any part of Wraith’s actual body during a gunfight. Unfortunately, this does mean you now have no more excuses for losing your one-on-one battles.

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If you’re still looking for fresh Apex Legends content though, keep an eye out on the Limited Time Modes (LTMs) coming to the game – according to a recent leak, the Shadowfall LTM might be returning, as well as a new one called Campfire.

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