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New Apex Legends Graffiti hop-up could be first Rampart teaser

Published: 29/Jun/2020 10:12 Updated: 29/Jun/2020 11:29

by Connor Bennett


 A brand-new ‘Graffiti’ hop-up has been uncovered by Apex Legends players, though, nobody is quite certain if it’s whether tied to a new limited-time mode or even a teaser for the next legend – seemingly, Rampart.

Anyone who has played a game or two of Apex Legends has come across a hop-up. These weapon attachments come in purple and gold forms and can give your weapon of choice a serious kick.

Hop-ups like the Precision Choke, Hammerpoint Rounds, or Skull Piercing rounds are highly-sought in games, though, players have also noticed that a ‘Graffiti’ hop-up appears to have made its way through too. The new hop-up has caused some confusion, though, as while it appears to be for the Spitfire, it could be teasing something much bigger.


The Graffiti mod has been seen by a few players in Apex Legends.

It was pointed out by Apex data miner Shrugtal, who noted that the mod gives +15% ammo size, speeds up reload time, and change fire mode can be switched to fire different paintball colors.

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Though, while some pointed out that it could quite simply be for a paintball related limited-time mode, the leaker added that it would seemingly be for Rampart teaser given some previous leaks and the R logo on the hop-up.

“One possible Rampart passive was to give their LMGs increased magazine capacity and faster reload speeds,” he tweeted. “This hop-up does that, and goes on a Spitfire… There’s also the R…”


Of course, the connection to Rampart can easily be made, but there is speculation over whether or not he will be the new legend added at the start of season six. 

Other leaks noted that the female legend once known as Valk had recently been renamed to Nova, and even had a legend icon appear in the game’s files.

We’ll just have to wait and see as to whether or not Respawn is teasing Rampart with this hop-up, or if it’s just a regular hop-up that everyone can use. Only time will tell in that case.