What we know about Apex Legends crossplay

Shane King
Apex Crossplay
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Respawn Entertainment have finally announced the feature that Apex Legends fans have been waiting for so long to hear – cross-platform play is coming soon. 

The highly-anticipated cross-platform play will be available across PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC which means fans of the game will be able to drop into Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge with friends regardless of what platform they use.

This also means that when playing ranked modes in levels like Diamond or Predator, you should have shorter queue times as, at the minute, you can be waiting for almost 20 minutes or more in between games.

With this cross-platform announcement, there was also the news that Apex Legends will be launching on Steam. This makes the game much more accessible to the casual PC player who wouldn’t go out of their way to use EA’s Origin launcher.

We will be getting the crossplay at some point in the coming fall, so keep your eye out for more information on a release date.