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Apex Legends leak reveals possible Shadowfall return & new Campfire LTM

Published: 28/Jun/2020 15:19

by Connor Bennett


 A fresh Apex Legends leak has revealed that Shadowfall might be making it’s return as a limited-time mode while Respawn also has another LTM in the works under the name of Campfire.

Like other battle royale titles, Apex Legends has had a few limited-time works added in the past. These usually a bit different from the main game – adding in things like different shields, NPC enemies, and switching up the loot pool.

With the start of the Lost Treasures Collection Event, Respawn added a new spin on the Armored and Dangerous LTM – releasing the evolved version.


Though, that might not have been the original plan as new leaks have revealed that another limited-time mode was in the works.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends has seen its fair share of Limited Time Modes in the past.

It comes from reliable leaker Shrugtal who noted that the Campfire name had appeared in the game’s files, hinting at a new mode using the Kings Canyon after dark map that was introduced a few seasons ago. 

“Appears to be a game mode on KC:AD where there are campfires scattered around the map that provide an AOE bubble and heal,” the leaker tweeted, also noting that it was seemingly meant to be in place for Lost Treasures. 


Due to the description given, some fans made the connection to the campfires that are used in Fortnite – where players approach them and can get some healing.

On top of that, the leaker posted that a new mechanic – activating a distress beacon – had also been added for the Shadowfall LTM. 

Shrugtal also added that Shadowfall sound effects were reworked for a solo win as well as a squad win/loss in the most recent patch. Though, the leaker wasn’t sure if it’ll return soon.

Of course, with these LTMs being added to the code, Respawn could easily flick the switch and make them live at some point in the near future.


However, we’ll just have to wait and see if they choose to do os if the two modes are destined to remain dormant in the files.