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Apex Legends devs address Wraith’s “super broken” Lost Treasures skin

Published: 24/Jun/2020 3:08

by Isaac McIntyre


Respawn has responded to Apex Legends player reports that the new Wraith Lost Treasures skin, released as part of the battle royale’s latest collection event, has a “super broken” hitbox, and seems to be immune to headshots.

The Apex Legends Season 5 Lost Treasures event premiered on June 23, and it was chock full of goodies. Crypto got his own Town Takeover, Lifeline got a pretty major healing rework, and a bundle of new skins arrived too.

Players may want to steer clear of one in particular, however: Wraith’s new “Marble Goddess” skin is riddled with bugs. In particular, the Lost Treasures model seems to be “headless” ⁠— headshots don’t register. Its hitbox is also outrageously large. Many have already dubbed it “super broken” and sworn off it, for now.


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Luckily, Respawn is already on the case. The devs confirmed on Twitter on June 23 there was already a hotfix on the way to “bring her hitbox back to its regular state”. There will also be a client-side patch pushed in the coming days.

“We are aware of a bug affecting Wraith’s hitbox when the Marble Goddess skin is applied. We have deployed a hotfix… but a client patch is required to resolve the false-positive blood splatter. More details to come,” the devs said.

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The Marble Goddess issues were first flagged by a number of Apex Legends players on June 23, soon after the Lost Treasures patch went live. Twitch streamer Asta ‘BushTV’ Bush even showed off the glitch error in the training yard.


“Was complaining that I was getting downed so easily today after the update. Turns out the new wraith skin has A HUGE hitbox,” she posted on Twitter alongside a clip of her dealing a huge chunk of damage to a Wraith wearing the skin.

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Popular Apex data miner also shared the information. He warned his followers the new Wraith skin was “focked up” until Respawn released the Lost Treasures hotfix.

“You can’t headshot it [the skin] and its body hitbox is huge,” he said. “Just be aware of that while playing. If you think you’re taking advantage of the fact it’s headless, just know the body hitbox sort of cancels that advantage out.”


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For now, maybe hold off playing Wraith in Apex ranked. The hotfix should go a ways to making sure the Interdimensional Skirmisher’s Lost Treasures skin is fixed. There’s no reason to risk it until the client-side patch, however.

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