Fresh Apex Legends leak claims Season 9 won’t have any new weapons

Wraith in Apex Legends with a Charge RifleRespawn/EA

A fresh Apex Legends leak has claimed that there are no new weapons coming in Season 9, and instead, we might get the Titanfall EPG in Season 10. 

The start of the new Apex Legends season brings plenty of fresh content for players to sink their teeth into. There is always a new legend added, changes to the current crop, as well as other changes.

New weapons have also been a staple of the new season updates, aside from Season 5 and Season 7, and we’ve seen plenty of leaks about guns that Respawn has in testing.

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For a few seasons now, the Compound Bow and EPG from Titanfall have been speculated on by fans, and after further leaks about them being tested, many believed Season 9 would finally see their arrivals. However, that might not be the case.

Fuse 30 30 repeaterEA
Fuse brought a brand new 30-30 Repeater with him in Apex Season 8.

According to reliable leaker Biast12, Season 9 should buck the usual trend of adding a new weapon at the start and there won’t be anything new.

As noted, recent testing leaks revealed that both the Compound Bow and EPG were being tried out by the developers, however, Biast claims that the EPG is penciled in for Season 10. Though, that could change as well.

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“We shouldn’t get any weapon in S9,” the leaker tweeted on April 16. “Tho S10’s weapon is planned to be the EPG, tho it can easily get swished (switched) with the Bow, it’s just planned/locked like that.”

What’s interesting about the claim is that it’s not just the Bow and EPG that are in development. Recently, a new LMG known as ‘Dragon’ was also revealed to be in the works. So it’s not like Respawn is hamstrung for new weapons.

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They could just be foregoing a weapon because something pretty big is also coming, just like in Season 7 when we got a new map and vehicles added.

However, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in early May once the new season rolls around.

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