Apex Legends Season 9 leak reveals big map changes and Crypto event details

Crypto in Apex LegendsRespawn

A new Apex Legends leak has revealed that map changes are coming to both Olympus and World’s Edge in Season 9, as well as confirming the theme for the Crypto heirloom event. 

As the Apex Legends seasons have rolled on, Respawn Entertainment has made plenty of changes, just not to the cast of characters, but to the battle royale’s different maps as well. 

Kings Canyon, the game’s original map, is, at parts, unrecognizable to its original form, while World’s Edge has gone through plenty of transformations itself. Olympus, the game’s newest map, is largely still the same. 

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With Season 9 fast approaching, it’s lead to plenty of conversation about what Respawn should do with the three maps. Should they rotate all three, or just keep the current rotation of Olympus and obliterated Kings Canyon?

Respawn Entertainment
There are 19 major locations on the Olympus map.

Well, according to Apex Legends leaker Biast12, both Olympus and World’s Edge are in for changes in Season 9, which means they’ll likely be shaping up the rotation when the time comes. 

The reliable leaker said, on April 14, that Olympus will be tweaked at the start of the new season while a smaller change to World’s Edge will come once the season is already underway. 

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“Olympus should get the “big map change” at season start,” he tweeted. “World’s Edge should get a small map change mid-season.” As of writing, the leaker hasn’t said anything about Kings Canyon but given how much damage that suffered in Season 8, it might be due for some bigger changes in future seasons. 

Additionally, the leaker also had some dirt to dish on the upcoming Crypto heirloom event. 

The season three legend is apparently getting a Jikdo sword as an heirloom and according to Biast, the theme for the event will be “post-apocalypse.”

That event should also signal the arrival of some new skins and other cosmetics, and a “post-apocalypse” theme could mean some nice new designs. 

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As ever though, these leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt until they are live in-game as Respawn can always changes things, no matter how reliable the leaker has been before.