Another new weapon spotted in Apex Legends artwork

Daniel Cleary
Kings canyon map in Apex Legends

Eagle-eyed Apex Legends fans have spotted a new weapon in Respawn’s latest artwork that hasn’t been announced yet.

Respawn revealed that they have plenty of content planned for next season of Apex Legends, after finally announcing the arrival of Rampart in the ‘Boosted Trailer’ on August 6.

It was also shared that the classic Volt SMG from Titanfall would be making its return in Season 6, but it seems as if another weapon is also in the works.

volt smg in apex legends
The Volt SMG has already been revealed for Apex Legends Season 6.

Compound bow coming to Apex Legends?

Artwork posted by a Respawn artist was shared on Twitter and Reddit after some noticed an unfamiliar weapon and ammo type as floor loot in Kings Canyon.

The artwork was initially shared by Respawn’s Principal Lighting artist Austin Arnett on Artstation, but has since been removed following speculation about the weapon.

Apex Legends data miner shrugtal was among the first to point it out, highlighting this new weapon in the now-deleted image.

“Hey, that’s a compound bow,” shrugtal simply added, circling the ranged weapon.

The image itself portrayed the inside of Crypto’s Map Room in Kings Canyon, with the compound bow inside a pile of loot, next to the hologram.

Although some fans were initially skeptical, Rendergram revealed a second image, which also seems to have been deleted, of the bow in another location.

Shrugtal revealed that the new arrow ammo type had previously been added to the game’s files but he expected it to be released as part of the leaked paintball LTM.

Respawn has yet to introduce any type of bow into the game (well, unless you count the “Longbow DMR” sniper) and it would be the first in its class if it was to be added.

It is unclear just when this new “Compound Bow” could be arriving in Apex Legends but, with the artwork releasing amid other Season 6 teasers, it could be as early as next season.

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