Apex Legends fans want Ghost Legend concept to haunt Season 15

Philip Trahan
Apex legends ghost concept art with logo header

An Apex Legend fan created in-depth concept art for a new Legend called Ghost, which has captured the community’s attention.

The fanbase surrounding Apex Legends regularly thinks up concepts meant to improve or enhance the battle royale.

Whether through character buff ideas or brand new Legends themselves, the Apex community has no shortage of potential ideas for the game.

Now, one Apex fan spawned some creative discussion after sharing an impressive concept for a new Ghost Legend, complete with concept art and a move set.

Apex Legends player shares Ghost Legend concept

The Legend concept comes from user Barkhardt on the Apex Legends subreddit, who began creating Legend content for fun as well as to inspire others to brainstorm ideas of their own.

The Legend, called Ghost, seems to share some relation to Wraith and would utilize a mix of Phase and Void technology to safeguard allies and confuse opponents.

Ghost’s abilities include a Tactical called “Mind over Matter,” which would create a small “phase zone” where players inside would receive and output 50% less damage.

Ghost’s Passive allows bullets to pass through her, while she takes 10% less damage overall.

Finally, Ghost’s Ultimate, “Void Gate,” would create a rift bubble centered around her, where anyone within the bubble is transported to “the Void.”

Barkhardt ended his post by calling on the community for feedback on the concept, which many fans provided.

“Very awesome. Only concern I have is that the 10% damage reduction passive seems a bit strong,” suggested user FreeFoot_.

Other fans joined in and pitched ideas for heirlooms, like KoalaKarity who said “…Here is a very little idea about the Heirloom: it could be [a] cube, fragmented into different parts…and could be used as a melee weapon.”

While it’s incredibly unlikely Ghost will ever make her way into Apex Legends, it is always cool to see fans flex their creativity to bring interesting ideas to life.