Apex Legends concept for new Legend inspired by Titanfall campaign

James Busby

Titanfall and Apex Legends share a lot of similarities in terms of their weapon pool and character abilities, but this Legend concept would see one Titanfall-themed enemy return in a dominant fashion. 

While Respawn has yet to introduce monolithic mechs into its battle royale title, Apex Legends is no stranger to the world of Titanfall. In fact, many Legends, weapons, and story elements are intrinsically linked to one another. It’s this close relationship that enables both the developers and fans to constantly come up with exciting new material that shakes up the BR. 

However, one fan has created a Legend concept that would see one of Titanfall’s most lethal enemies return. Unlike the friendly MRVN units that are known for their friendly nature and goodwill, the Spectre model has a completely different purpose. In fact, these robotic soldiers will stop at nothing until their target is eliminated. 

However, this Legend concept has transformed Titanfall’s Spectre into a deadly time traveler that can manipulate his foes with rift-based abilities. 

Titanfall Spectre Legend concept

Spectre Apex Legends Titanfall
Spectre’s appear throughout the Titanfall series.

Unlike ordinary Spectre units, Ace of Sparks’ concept has an added time travel twist. According to the description, Kronos was assembled as a test pilot for ARES’ Time Gauntlet. However, the experiment went wrong and Kronos was lost in time. 

After failing his mission and appearing back in the year 2772, Kronos quickly found himself looking for a new purpose. 

It’s because of this lack of direction that the robotic experiment decided to join the Apex Games. Krono’s abilities can are outlined below: 

Tactical Ability: Time Dilation

Using the prototype Time Gauntlet, Kronos can shift multi-directionally and through doors. 

Passive Ability: Lazarus

While not taking damage, Kronos’ shields and health regenerate to what they were 10-seconds ago. 

Ultimate Ability: Temporal Rift

Kronos places down a device that opens a temporal rift field, speeding up allies and allied projectiles. The ability also slows down enemies and enemy projectiles. 

Ace of Sparks’ concept is certainly an interesting one and that would likely excite many Titanfall fans. We’d definitely love to see interactions between Pathfinder and Kronos, particularly given how different their personalities would likely be. 

Whether Respawn has any plans to add any other robotic Legends to Apex in the future remains to be seen, but for now, we’ll just have to look forward to what Ace of Sparks comes up with next. 

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