Apex Legends invisible room location found on Storm Point map

Alan Bernal
apex legends storm pointRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are finding whole teams living within the walls of an invisible room on Storm Point that’s being used as a deadly trap.

Respawn Entertainment are currently fixing some of the bigger issues on Apex’s fourth map. The studio expects to make sweeping changes to Season 11’s map in an upcoming update and players want it to address a rat spot near Antenna.

The Apex Legends community is finding that players are holding up inside one of the Antenna’s bridges that clearly has solid walls surrounding its base.

This bug has been in the game since ‘Escape’ went live on November 2 and it’s been causing problems for people getting blindsided by those using it to their advantage.

Apex Legends’ invisible room on Storm Point

Apex Legends wall bug

People like Reddit user ‘Petervg1810’ saw that a team was freely going in and out of Antenna’s bridge that has a hollow bottom.

The POI has three bridges that players can use to access the dense loot spawns at the center of the area. But when a player comes strolling by, they’re surprised to find a team waiting for them who appear out of nowhere.

Like we saw in Petervg1810’s clip, teams are strategically using the area around those bridges but those plans are getting completely derailed by the glitch.

Apex players are asking Respawn to patch the exploit since the bug is getting a lot of mileage in both casual and competitive playlists.

“I found Antenna Bridge Trolls abusing this spot in a Ranked Game yesterday,” another user said. “Devs, please patch this.”

Storm Point already had a few map glitches patched since it debuted. Previously, there were spots around the map that would make people fall through the ground to their eventual dooms.

We’ve seen Respawn move fast on glitches that prove to be disruptive to gameplay before so Apex Legends players are hoping the same will be true for Storm Point’s invisible room.