Apex Legends TikToker reveals 3 spots on Storm Point for easy kills

David Purcell
apex legends spots on storm point map

Apex Legends’ Storm Point map has a number of locations on it that TikTokers are raving about and they’re calling them “rat spots”. 

The new map was released as part of the Season 11 update on November 2, building upon the game’s already fine selection, which includes Kings Canyon, Olympus, and World’s Edge.

As the battlefield is not fresh off the press anymore, it can be difficult for members of the community to find hiding spots that people don’t know about. Flying under the radar might not be for everyone, but if there are some places you can hide to get more kills, players will always be interested.

Over on TikTok, a few clips have gone viral showing you where to go – and you won’t want to miss them.

Apex Legends best hiding spots on Storm Point

Storm Point Apex Legends
Storm Point is the biggest map in Apex Legends.

Popular TikTok creator goldec is known in the Apex community for producing viral videos.

After churning out videos varying between a couple of thousand views to others eclipsing 1 million, his latest ‘rat spots’ series might be the most helpful yet – collecting popular spots found on Reddit.

So, let’s dive into three of the best spots found on Storm Point…

1. Command Center – Use the rocks!

The first one on the list is right outside the Command Center. After climbing up on the rocks nearby, there’s a good chance you could take out a few players from the multiple vantage points available.

2. Command Center – The vents

There are a few different vent ‘rat spot’ opportunities at the Command Center. Go to the top, and by using Ash’s ultimate ability, you can teleport inside the vents. Players coming down or flying up the zipline won’t have a clue you’re even there!

3. Barometer – Secret room

There’s a secret room located near the Barometer point of interest, as seen in the video below. There is one danger, though, and that’s the issue of potentially being shot through a crack in a wall, but you will be able to get inside it by using Loba’s bracelet.

So, that’s everything you need to know to find – and take advantage of – rat spots right across the Storm Point map.

You’re going to need specific Legends for each of these tricks, though, so do keep that in mind.

Until next time, go get yourself some sneaky kills!

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