Clever Apex Legends Wattson trick makes fence traps deadlier than ever

Wattson making a fence in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Wattson mains have frequently voiced their complaints about not being able to create tight-knit traps, but a new Apex Legends tip may have solved their problem. 

When Wattson was first introduced to Apex Legends, she shot up the popularity charts as fans began devising devious traps using her electric fences. Players were constantly looking to one-up each other with increasingly deadly traps.

Over the last few seasons, Wattson has slipped down the usage ranks, leading to continued calls for her to get a buff – though, Respawn have rebuffed these calls by stating she’s still pretty powerful.

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One constant issue that players want to be changed is the fact that her traps can’t be deployed too close to each other. You need a certain amount of space between the first fence node and the second one to have them both down.

Wattson buff & nerfRespawn Entertainment
Wattson has the second lowest pick rate in the game but is popular with players.

Well, as YouTuber Swogglenoz showed, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can actually put fences down closer together than normal but it does take a little time.

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When you deploy your first node and create a fence, you actually have to place a second node down close to the opposite end of where your original one was placed rather than trying to extend the fence from the spot of the first node.

This will allow you to put fences pretty much on top of each other rather than needing to leave a gap. Plus, as the game registers them as separate fences, you may deal additional ticks of damage to unsuspecting enemies.

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Now, with the time it takes to set the fences up like this, the trick is going to be pretty situational. You’ll probably have to limit it to being used in a small space rather than out in the open.

Though, the potential for genius traps and outplays is well worth the time it takes to perfect the trick.

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